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About Us



Welcome to Seaside Sweet Shop!  My name is Jen, and I am usually the person answering your messages, the baker, decorator, and packer! But none of this would be possible without the support of my beautiful family and friends. We are a true "Family Business" with my husband often helping on his time off, and now introducing our teenage sons to the business! They have recently learned how to mix, bake, and package - hopefully a little decorating is in their future as well!! 

We are a home-based bakery located in Hudson, Florida - about one mile away from the beautiful Gulf of Mexico. And with our family being lovers of the ocean, it seemed fitting to call ourselves the Seaside Sweet Shop!

A little about me: I've been in the dessert world for most of my life now - with my first job at 15 years old, decorating cakes at a small grocery store in Michigan. Then during my college years, I transitioned to wedding cakes. I had been making wedding cakes for nearly 20 years when decorated cookies really came on the scene.. After making some fancy cookies with our kids around the holidays, I decided to transition once again - away from the multi-tiered gigantic wedding cakes - to adorable little handheld works of art! 

Should you decide to place an order with our small business, know that many years of experience and love go into each of your desserts. And that your support helps provide for our family.. We are truly grateful for each and every one of you.. We love to spread joy throughout our community with these tasty little treats and hope that you enjoy eating them as much as we have enjoyed creating them!

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