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With everyone enjoying the flavors of Seaside Sweet Shop Cookies, we figured it was about time we offer make-at-home mixes!!  


This bagged royal icing mix covers approx 18+ 3" cutout cookies! (More if you happen to use smaller sized cookies) 


***We do recommend that you use a stand mixer for all of our mixes.  Results will vary significantly with use of any other form of mixing... 


All instructions for mixing are listed on the back of the package - everything is contained in the mix EXCEPT:  water!   **We highly reccomend watching our video Instructions on our YouTube channel for best techniques - Link to the video will be included with every order!


Food allergen information:   this mix does NOT contain any nut products. Mix DOES contain powdered EGG whites/meringue powder. 


All seaside food products are produced in a Cottage Food Operation and are not subject to Florida's Food Safety Regulations.  All food information will be labeled on each product. 

Royal Icing Mix

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